Singer-Songwriter Conner Cherland Proves That Grassroots Efforts Can Still Triumph In The Digital Age

For an aspiring artist, tapping into the forces of social media seems like a no-brainer. In today’s digital age, we’ve been taught that having these resources at our fingertips is an essential tool for success. However, in an oversaturated market based on algorithms, where advancement is measured in likes and followers, how does someone stand […]

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Interview: A Game Changer – Sofía Reyes

Women all over the world are saying goodbye to the BS thanks to Sofía Reyes. With R.I.P. marking another hit for the Mexican singer-songwriter, it’s easy to see why Reyes is quickly becoming the queen of collaborations. Teaming up with powerhouses, Rita Ora and Anitta, Sofia ended up creating a pop culture movement. Soon after […]

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