sari cohen

Sari Cohen is an entertainment journalist based in the Greater L.A. Area. She began her career as a stand-up comedy writer/performer and over the years has developed scripts for both the stage and screen. She is head writer/co-producer at INLOVE Magazine and is an on-air correspondent/producer for the nationally syndicated TV show, “Hollywood First Look.” Bylines include popular sites such as AXS, Screen Rant, Cracked, and Por Homme. Among the list of iconic figures Sari has interviewed you’ll find names such as Ringo Starr, Common, Harvey Keitel, Olivia Rodrigo, Alice Cooper, Billie Eilish, Lily Tomlin, Seth Rogen, Daniel Craig, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Governor Mike Huckabee. From concerts to red carpets to exclusive sit-downs, she tackles every topic from music, movies, and television, to fashion, lifestyle, and politics. You can keep up with her on Twitter at @ask_sari, on TikTok @sari_tales, or follow her adventures on Instagram under @thesavvyscribbler.