There Are No Limits For Froy Gutierrez

From Teen Wolf to pop star, there are no limits for Froy Gutierrez.

Teen Wolf star, Froy Gutierrez wears the title of singer-songwriter well. As his music career begins to take shape, a glance back at Froy’s journey tells us that all signs have been pointing down this path for quite a while. Featured on other shows such as The Goldbergs and One Day at a Time, Froy’s acting chops are evident to his fans. But, to know he also has skills as a singer, songwriter, and poet; well, that’s enough to make the whole world fall INLOVE with him.

Froy’s music is a lot like his own character; fun and exciting, while at the same time profound and quite eclectic. At 20 years old, he proves that wisdom cannot be measured in numbers and that the future holds no limits.

Sari: Let’s start off with your role on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Tell me more about your love for the series and how you think the character of Nolan positively influenced the show’s audience?
Froy Gutierrez: Teen Wolf was such a unique experience for me because it was such a staple for my generation. It’s one thing to join a show reaching one hundred episodes, but it’s another thing entirely to join a show that marked the adolescence of your peers. When I got to board the Teen Wolf ship, mental health was starting to become a bubbling topic in mainstream media. I was super thankful to be able to play a character whose issues I could relate to. The conversations surrounding depression and anxiety weren’t talked about on the show, but they were a huge part of my character work. Not only did I have to make a supernatural situation as real as possible, but I also had to give a grounded weight to the paranoia and social anxiety that Nolan was struggling with. I’m just thankful to have had the tools to understand a character that a lot of people don’t quite get.

Sari: Now, you are “shapeshifting” into a different role. Tell me what’s motivated you to launch your music career at this point in time?
FG: Both the music and the film industries are such important tools and resources for people my age. However, I don’t feel like either industry has done a great job of understanding my generation in a positive and effective way. I don’t have the expertise to orchestrate my own film quite yet, but I’m hoping that my music will be able to reach my audience and connect with them in a way that my acting hasn’t been able to yet. If not now – then when?

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