On The Wild Side With Tessa Brooks

With nearly 13 million followers, it’s obvious that Tessa Brooks has a message people want to hear. Her vlogs, viral dance videos, and popular YouTube channel have rightfully earned her praise. But, combined with her fierce desire to spread positivity and inspiration to others, her influence has the power to reach way beyond the digital space.

Recently, Brooks has been getting to explore more of her love for dance in the television world, starring in the digital series, Boss Cheer. While the Fresno, California native expands on more of her talents, she also remains firmly planted in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industry.

People love Tessa not only because she has partnered with some of the world’s top brands, but because she also gives back to the community. In fact, her dream is to create a foundation that “helps clear a path for children and young adults to the arts.”

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