TaTaTu Shines A Light On Giving Back

TaTaTu is a new entertainment app that is spreading inspiration to the masses by tapping into the power of social media. The platform’s first series is called “Giving Back Generation.” The vodcast invites stars to talk candidly about important issues and life lessons facing today’s teens and young adults. They discuss topics such as friendship, empowerment, inclusion, paying it forward, positivity, and more—all with the common goal of giving back.

The series is executive produced by Andrea Iervolino, Monika Bacardi, and Chiara Tilesi (who also serves as director). “Giving Back Generation” is hosted by Raquelle Stevens.

There is No Such Thing as a Small Act of Kindness

TaTaTu founder, Andrea Iervolino, works closely with Chiara Tilesi, who also runs the platform’s Social Impact Division. “I believe that through the repetition of images we can change the paradigm,” Tilesi tells The Burn-In in a recent interview.

TaTaTu’s mission is to use the platform as a way to reach as many people as possible. At the moment, more than half of the population is active on social media. TaTaTu has the potential to reach millions of people with its message. “We’re living in a very difficult era, where there is a lot of transition and a lot of changes,” Tilesi explained. “We believe that the human element needs to be at the center here. The stories that different people are going to tell us are actually ways to start the conversation. And eventually, even to create an impact in a very practical way.”

Image: TaTaTu

Love and Kindness are Never Wasted

“Giving Back Generation” is only the first series from TaTaTu. The idea was to start with a vodcast that talks about giving back and would reach a young audience. The platform’s goal is to help people find social purpose in life.

Along with shining a light on the founders of incredible companies such as The Giving Keys, the series also features some big names. Selena Gomez, Sofia Carson, Nina Dobrev, Justin Tranter, and others have all jumped in to be a part of this movement. “We need to hear these stories because they’re very inspiring. Hopefully, we create a ripple effect,” says Tilesi.

Image: TaTaTu

The Burn-In (TBI): What is the primary focus of the Social Impact Division?

Chiara Tilesi (CT): We produce projects that we believe have a social impact. So, this vodcast [‘Giving Back Generation’] was our first production. It has been such a beautiful experience. Not only do I produce it, but I direct it. It was so refreshing to see these young people. All of them have a passion dear to them, which is giving back, and how they give back in different forms. It’s not just charity; they’re also giving back through friendship, through helping other people reach their dreams, through inclusion, through kindness.

TBI: Do you see a difference in the generations when it comes to giving back?

CT: I think that millennials are probably more aware of the different social issues in life. I feel that they are more active than we think. Social media is a relatively new thing. In the beginning, we’re all learning how to use it. For example, we see Greta [Thunberg] and what she’s doing for the environment. So, I see how these young kids are really using social media. It’s not only to expose themselves through selfies, but there’s also a new trend; it’s how can we impact the world, which is going to be their world. It’s how they can impact it and make it a better place for everyone. This is an amazing process to witness and to be part of, as well.

TBI: Many people look at social media as either good or bad. I think you’re helping them realize that it’s actually a tool.

CT: It’s like a car. Is a car good or bad? Well, it depends on how you use it. If you use it to transport something from point A to point B, it’s a good thing. If you’re using it to hurt people, it’s a bad thing. I think social media is just a tool to reach millions and millions of people. It could actually be a very beneficial tool. I think we are seeing that this is starting to happen right now.

TBI: You’ve had some huge celebrities jump in on this. How did that happen?

CT: Well, Andrea has worked with Selena before; he produced a movie she was in. And Raquelle Stevens is very close with all of our guests. So, we involved them by explaining to them the concept. They loved it, and they joined it.

TBI: What can we expect to see as the series progresses?

CT: We’ve expanded, and now there is a “Giving Back Generation” in Italy. Hopefully, there’s going to be another one in the States. The result has been excellent so far. We’ve reached the goal that we wanted. We also are in the process of producing more vodcasts on different themes that create a discussion that will make us think about how we can improve our lives and the planet.

TBI: Where do you plan on going with the other series that will follow?

CT: There will be vodcasts on the environment, on gender parity, on the importance of parenting, and so on. Right now, we’re in an early stage, but these are the themes that we are definitely going to tackle.

TBI: What do you think we can all do, in our own way, to give back?

CT: Giving back is cool. When you give back, you actually get a lot. There is a purpose. There is that feeling of being useful. So, we can give back in many aspects. Giving back to our planet, for example, being very aware of where we are with the planet. Make choices and be aware of what you are using or not using. Be kind with each other. Be kind with yourself. If there is an organization that you are passionate about, help that organization. Help somebody that needs help. There are many ways that we can all give back.

“Andrea has his heart in the right place,” Tilesi went on to say. “In Hollywood, it’s hard to find someone who is so dedicated to social impact and wants to create as much awareness as possible. So, I’m very happy we met. Raquelle, and everybody involved has done a wonderful job. It’s been like a family production.”

Published on The Burn-In.