RockGodz Hall Of Fame Annual Induction Ceremony Proves That Rock Is Still Here To Stay

Joan Jett isn’t the only one who loves rock and roll. As the longstanding debate of whether the genre is really dead continues, people are still finding new and inventive ways to honor the music that has embodied so many different styles. Now, recent news that Rage Against The Machine is reuniting in 2020 has triggered yet another glimmer of hope that rock music could once again rise.

That’ll Be the Day

Rock and roll has a long (and often unpredictable) history. Sounds that emerged in the late ’50s, which gave way to the rock artists who are revered today, serve as the blueprint that provides us with a clue on where we might be heading.

In the ’50s, it took one swivel of Elvis Presley’s hips, and the world was all shook up. In the ‘60s, the British invaded our airwaves. The ’70s welcomed punk rock. The ’80s raged with heavy metal. Then, the ’90s gave birth to alternative rock. Some would argue that, as we evolved into the new millennium, rock music got lost in translation.

While the genre is being upheld by bands like Rival Sons, the demand, especially in the mainstream, seems to have dwindled. As more and more genres have blended together in the last decade, pop music appears to have taken rock’s place.

Whole Lotta Love

For the fans, rock and roll hasn’t gone anywhere. Events such as the RockGodz Hall of Fame Annual Induction Ceremony are proof that the genre is alive and well. The October 27 event, which took place at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, honored an esteemed list of beloved rock and roll luminaries. The day celebrated musicians who built the legacy of rock music and honored their contributions to the industry.

2019 honorees included Alex Skolnick (Testament), Bob Glaub (Jackson Browne), and Brett Tuggle (award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist/David Lee Roth). Also in attendance were Burleigh Drummond (founding member of Ambrosia), Danny Kortchmar (The Section) and Greg Leisz (Jackson Browne/Charles Lloyd and the Marvels). Jeff Bova (Grammy Award-winning producer and musician) Jim Keltner (drummer/Ringo Starr), and John ‘JR’ Robinson (drummer/Grammy-winner) were also on site.

Also joining the fray were Peter Beckett (Player/Little River Band), Rachel Bolan (SKID ROW), and Richie Zito (musician/producer/songwriter). Rita Wilde (radio pioneer), Ross Hogarth (multi-Platinum/multi-Grammy-winning producer/mixer/engineer), Rowan Robertson (Dio), and Teddy Andreadis (Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters) were also on hand.

Image: Don Adkins

Each of these musicians comes with an impressive resume. While their contributions range musically, their collaborations have put them on the map, making them true rock gods. To read their history of accomplishments is the same as listing every music icon who has ever existed. Stevie Nicks, Crosby, Stills & Nash, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, John Fogerty, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, and the list goes on and on. Those honored at this year’s RockGodz Hall of Fame Annual Induction Ceremony, have all been a huge part of rock and roll history.

Sweet Emotion

The list of presenters who attended was also an exciting addition to the mix. Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth), Frazer Smith (radio personality), John Good (drummer), Phil Chen (Jeff Beck), Richie Kotzen (Mr. Big), and Tim Pierce (guitarist) were all on hand. Rick Springfield even made a special appearance. The inductees and presenters were joined by other past alumni for special performances throughout the show.

Image: Don Adkins

These live performances included musicians that all had one thing in common: their love of rock music. Cindy Landeen and Steve Rosen founded RockGodz Hall of Fame in 2009 to honor those who have contributed to rock and roll. They shine a spotlight on artists and musicians who may not necessarily have received the recognition that they deserve. It began as a grassroots movement and has been building momentum for the past few years. It’s now come to be known as “The premier award in rock and roll.” The organization is able to raise money for its cause through private and corporate donations, event sponsors, and ticket sales.

While most events these days seem to celebrate genres together (much like the new music we hear), this event does a proper job of honoring rock and roll. The RockGodz Hall of Fame Annual Induction Ceremony is an occasion to not only pay tribute to our music’s history, but it’s also a chance to recognize the present and prepare for the future.

Nothing Else Matters

If your love of the genre is undying and you want to see rock and roll live on, it’s important to show up at and support occasions like these. The cry for more rock and roll in the mainstream is coming in loud and clear. We already know that music is nothing without musicians. However, we have to remember that it’s also nothing without the fans.

Published on The Burn-In.