Monique Powell Of Save Ferris Steps Out From Behind The Mic And Into The Role Of DJ

On Saturday, Dec. 15 Romantic Rock’s third annual Punk Rock & Paintbrushes Holiday Art Show welcomed Monique Powell of Save Ferris, along with Stacey Dee-J of Bad Cop / Bad Cop and Noodles of The Offspring, to each play a special DJ set during the opening night party at Innerspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Powell, who has been at the helm of the ska-punk movement since the ‘90s, recently told AXS that she secretly always wanted to be a DJ.

Within the last year, the Save Ferris singer has been tapped to DJ a few gigs, adding yet another level to her artistry. Powell has been experimenting with djay PRO – an app for her iPad that allows her to mix songs off of Spotify as if she were mixing the actual record itself. “It’s important for me to know the key and the BPM of each song so that I can pick the appropriate songs,” she tells AXS.

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