Interview: Louis The Child Talk Dream Collaborations, Pushing Boundaries In Music, And Their New Campaign With Forever 21

Dynamic DJ duo, Louis The Child, and fantasy soul songstress QUIÑ, recently teamed up with Forever 21 to launch their new “Cosmic Space Collection.” The artists treated guests to an intimate show at a special Dec. 12 celebration in honor of the capsule collection. They showed up in style, sporting space-age gear from the line – which is now available to view and shop here.

“My performance looks vary based on comfort, how I’m feeling, and where I’m performing. Anything that blows in the wind is a fav,” QUIÑ tells AXS. “Both music and fashion play in that imaginative part of you where you can tap into yourself and turn what you find into something tangible; something you can outwardly express,” the singer-songwriter shared.

The breakout sensation says she was somehow cosmically chosen to be a part of this campaign, and like Louis The Child, is thrilled to be involved. While Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett have been busy selling out shows across North America (they recently wrapped their super successful Dear Sense Tour) they’ve also found the time to happily embrace their role in launching Forever 21’s new capsule collection.

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