Interview: Frances Cone Frontwoman Christina Cone On New LP, ‘Late Riser’

Late Riserout on Jan. 18 via Thirty Tigers, is the product of a long journey for vocalist Christina Cone and her life partner, Andrew Doherty; together they are Frances Cone. Named after Christina’s father and grandfather, the indie-pop group has seen several iterations through the years. Cone and Doherty have now taken center stage in the band. The pair recorded the first half of Late Riser in Brooklyn before moving to Nashville just over a year ago, where they put the final touches on the album.

All 10 tracks on the band’s new LP showcase their beautiful transformation. Cone’s ethereal vocals on Late Riser are met with a pop-rock vibe that makes each song emotionally and sonically spellbinding.

AXS: I know you had several other members who’d come in and do guest spots with you on this LP. Were they all the same or did you have different people on different songs? 

Christina Cone: There were different people on different songs. The last four that we recorded were just Andy and me. The other six are a combo. There’ve been about six band members over the course of that time. But, Andy and I are on all of them.

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