Interview: Comedian Ron G Discusses His Role On Nickelodeon’s ‘Cousins For Life’

Comedian Ron G is kicking off 2019 as a series regular on Nickelodeon’s brand-new show, “Cousins For Life.” The buddy comedy series makes its debut on Saturday, Jan. 5 at 8:30 p.m. PT/ 7:30 C. Ron G plays Lewis, father to Ivy (Scarlet Spencer) and Leaf (Micah Abbey). Ron stars opposite Ishmel Sahid, who plays his brother, Clark. Antics ensue after Clark, and his son, Stuart (Dallas Young) move in with them. The show delightfully displays each character’s quirks, reminding viewers that sometimes, family and friends are the same.

“Working with kids was always one of my dreams,” Ron G tells AXS during a recent interview. “The cast is amazing. They’re all just good kids and good people, and you’re going to feel that through the TV screen when you watch it.” He says that his character is pretty different from who he is in real life. “It’s opposite of my personality,” he explains. “Being a stand-up, I feel like I’m a pretty high-energy person. This character is way different from that; a lot of stillness, a lot of reactions. Actually, this role taught me how to listen well. I’m the one throwing alley-oops the entire show, and everyone else is dunking so, it’s a cool process to be a part of.”

Before booking the role on “Cousins For Life,” Ron G had a string of gigs highlighting his range of talent. Apart from being a master at warming up audiences during award shows, you could catch him starring in “Key and Peele,” “Stuck in the Middle,” and as Sweetie on HBO’s “Insecure.” Those based in Los Angeles are also very familiar with the comedian from Chocolate Sundaes at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. Ron G has served as host for roughly six years. Chocolate Sundaes is the biggest, longest-running, most diverse comedy show in L.A. “The energy is always amazing,” Ron describes of the regular Sunday night event. “For me, it’s a playground where I get a chance to work out my material and have fun.”

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