Born To Inspire: Meagan Good

Meagan Good’s journey as an actress began at the age of four. “I grew up in Santa Clarita [California]. We were one of two Black families, and I dealt with a lot of racism,” Good said reflecting on a turning point in her life. “I had a teacher who really had it out for me. In sixth grade, I ended up losing my work permit, because you have to have a certain GPA. I missed acting so much. I realized then that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. So, I worked hard, got my work permit back, and the year after that I booked Friday.”

From there, it was onward and upward for the actress. More prominent roles came as she starred opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Eve’s Bayou and played Nina on Nickelodeon’s Cousin Skeeter. Taking advice from Terrence Howard, Good veered from television to movies and was able to cultivate a prosperous film career.

Good has been a working actress since the age of 13 and admits that the transition from child actor to adult actor wasn’t always smooth. She often found herself pigeonholed into certain types of roles, which eventually led to her return to TV. It was at that point when she got her first leading role on a show called Deception, making her the second Black woman in 30 years to be the lead of a TV show on NBC. 

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