‘Bear And A Banjo’ With Dennis Quaid and Rosanna Arquette

“Bear and a Banjo” is a musical podcast unlike anything ever seen (or heard) before. The fictional anthology series stars Dennis Quaid (who also serves as an executive producer), record/vocal producer and songwriter Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, and Jingle Punks President/CCO “Jingle” Jared Gutstadt. All of the original music for the podcast was produced by multi-Grammy award winner, record producer, and songwriter, T Bone Burnett (who also serves as executive producer). The 8-episode series, narrated by Quaid, welcomes an array of characters, including one played by Rosanna Arquette.

The Bear and a Banjo band is comprised of Poo Bear on vocals and “Jingle” Jared on the banjo/guitar. Each episode places this duo at pivotal moments in American history where they unwittingly influence and define events that would shape the 20th century. Within each episode, a song will be written and performed – to be released via all digital and streaming platforms the same day. By the end of the series, an 8-song album will be made and available for purchase. The album includes tracks such as “Gone But Not Forgotten,” which was penned by Bob Dylan, specifically for this project.

“Bear and a Banjo” airs every Thursday on the iHeartPodcast Network. The 8-part series began on October third and will run until November 21st.